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Bíodh Áilleacht Ann

Posted on 20 Jul 2020

Here’s a video of Bíodh Áilleacht Ann taken from Back To The Live Stream 14. It wasn’t even on the setlist 10mins before but my wife made a request for it and I’m pretty happy how it came out.

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Irish Song – Pócaí Stróicthe

Posted on 27 May 2013

So seo hé an chéad amhrán sa sraith físeán Youtube Original Song Mondays atá i ngaeilge agus is ceann de na hamhráin a bheis ar m’albaim úr nuair a bheidh sé criochnaithe agam. Feicim daoine ag imeacht leo go tírthe eile agus feicim daoine eile ag teacht go hÉireann. Sílim gurbh é siúd a spreag an t-amhrán seo.

Here’s the first but by no means the last of my Irish language songs in my Original Song Mondays series on Youtube and it’ll be one of the songs on my new album when I get it finished. It translates as Torn pockets or Holey Pockets. I see people leaving for other countries and people coming to Ireland and I suppose that’s what inspired this song.