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Back To The Live Stream 4 Sat 9th May Shortcuts

Posted on 12 May 2020

Click on a link to watch a particular song or watch the whole thing and join us for next Saturdays!
Aint No Sunshine (Bill Withers) 6:00
I’m Not Awake Yet (Rory Gallagher) 13:13 
I Rolled Her Down (Enda Reilly) 19:18 
Over The Hill (John Martyn) 26:01
For what Died the Sons of Róisín (Excerpt) 31:29
May You Never (John Martyn) 36:22 
Kiltimagh (by John Spillane) 41:58
Waterfall (The Stone Roses) 47:42
Amazing Grace (Trad) 55:08
Light From The Darkness (Enda Reilly)
An Nasc Nua (Enda Reilly Amhráin Nua i nGaeilge/New Songs In Irish) ) 1:04:00
Way Over Yonder In The Minor Key (Billy Bragg Wilco Woody Guthrie) 1:11:10
Cuir An Long Ag Seol (Enda Reilly – Amhráin Nua i nGaeilge/New Songs In Irish) 1:16:48
The Nut In Hut (Enda Reilly, Oxygen 21)- 1:27:14

The Player Queen – Song Of The Day 5

Posted on 29 Aug 2017

Here’s a version of a song from my Whorls album, recorded last Saturday at the Live Stream Concert, in which I turned W.B. Yeats poems into songs. Your guess is as good as mine when it comes to what this is about! It was part of a show with Everlasting Voices, which went to Tokyo and Hyderabad, India. Both of those trips were extraordinary for me and great experiences. Have you a favourite Yeats poem that I mightn’t know of? Here’s the poem.

MY mother dandled me and sang,
‘How young it is, how young! ‘
And made a golden cradle
That on a willow swung.
‘He went away,’ my mother sang,
‘When I was brought to bed,’
And all the while her needle pulled
The gold and silver thread.
She pulled the thread and bit the thread
And made a golden gown,
And wept because she had dreamt that I
Was born to wear a crown.
‘When she was got,’ my mother sang,
I heard a sea-mew cry,
And saw a flake of the yellow foam
That dropped upon my thigh.’
How therefore could she help but braid
The gold into my hair,
And dream that I should carry
The golden top of care?

Caledonia – Cover Song Video

Posted on 18 Jan 2017

So this is a song that most Irish people are aware of because of the wonderful version by Delores Keane. It was written by Dougie MaClean from Scotland. About two weeks ago I took a hungover notion to sing it and i was enjoying it so much I decided to make an oul video. It’s a bit shorter than the original because I was singing it from memory and forgot some lyrics. I hope you enjoy it anyways.