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To The Waters And The Wild – Out Now

Posted on 30 Sep 2022

I’ve been putting melodies to Yeats’ poetry since my leaving cert and I’ve been lucky to perform some of those works around Ireland, England Denmark, India, Tokyo and now at Irish festivals in the USA.

Album cover for the new WB Yeats album

My WB Yeats collaborations have been with Stephen James Smith, Cathal Quinn, Guthanna Binne Síoraí, Gabriel and Tristan Rosenstock, The Mongrels, Séamus Barra Ó Súilleabhán and Mary Tyler. I thank them all for the insights I gained while working with them.

To The Waters and The Wild is a selection from all those projects some of which you may have heard on the Bandcamp-only release Whorls.  Others such as September 1913 and The Lake Isle of Innishfree have been added by popular demand and a new one The Faery Song with bodhrán is in there to freshen it up a bit!

I think it makes for a stimulating 30min listen and hopefully it will open the door for you to the world of WB Yeats if you aren’t familiar with him, or give you a different perspective if you are already familiar.

Add to your playlists on Spotify, share and enjoy, thanks! For the CD and download go to the Album page!

Come Back Paddy Reilly To Ballyjamesduff

Posted on 25 Sep 2021

I performed this at last weeks Live Stream and thought why not put it on Spotify for you all to listen to. I’ve been focused a lot on the Live Streaming and the videos so I’ll be refocusing on the audio in future. This old chestnut as someone called it earlier is a great song by Percy French and deserves more singing!

A Wounded Bird live from The Ark

Posted on 23 Feb 2021

…I can hear you sing as you embrace the sky!

Hello everybody, Well as some of know i got to perform from a wonderful venue recently. Here’s a video of a song of mine from the recent Cross Roads Céilí at The Ark. Michael Gavin and Rachel Pearson did a great job on this song and it was great to be involved in the event, thanks again to the Gavins. And great job by the team at The Ark – Ann Arbor The entire concert is still up on the Ark’s facebook page. Joe Giese and Cory did a wonderful job on the sound and video. During the rest of the concert Seán Gavin was awesome on the pipes and flute, Rachel and Michael sang songs, Mick played the fiddle and the box and there were some lovely moments.

Christmas Songs Radio-play

Posted on 12 Dec 2020

Lots of radio play this week which is great! Thanks to Caoimhe Ceol Ní Chathail in BBC Radio Ulster who played Tá An Nollaig Linn on Blas Ceoil on Fri. I’ll be having a long chat as gaeilge with her on the 1st January 2021 about my Irish language songs. Thanks also to Bill Marshall at Sounds Like Ireland Muskegon MI for playing Christmas True. This evening both songs are being played on The Celtic Show out of Atlanta Georgia thanks to Jon Kiger. Listen in to their shows for more great Irish music!
You can buy the double A track single via this link https://endareilly.bandcamp.com/album/christmas-true



We All Own The Sky – The Button Factory Dublin

Posted on 23 Sep 2020

Continuing the series from the Button Factory Dublin, here’s We All Own The Sky. I had the privilege of singing this one again for my Lutheran friends in a wonderful zoom event. We had an International service which tackled the Climate Change Crisis with St. Finians Lutheran Church of Dublin, Ireland, University Lutheran Chapel of Berkeley, California, a Catholic priest Fr. Dermot Lane and myself here in Detroit.
I’m not a religious person but I do respect that religions have an important role in society and so I was happy to collaborate because we all need to reconsider our place in the world and how we can live in harmony with the Earth.

We All Own The Sky hit home in the last days as the smoke from the California fires created a strange haze in our skies here in Detroit. I found myself looking at a very dim sun low in the sky and looking away quickly realising I shouldn’t look at the sun. Anyways, the core message of this songs is that we are all connected by the the air and the oceans and if we want to have a hope of fixing these problems we need more international co-operation.

For a studio version and more of my Climate Change Songs go to www.climatechangesongs.com

For more Videos from this concert check out the Enda Reilly At The Button Factory Dublin playlist which I update regularly

We All Own The Sky by Enda Reilly

We all own the Sky

Blue in the day and Black in the Night

We all own the Wind

That blows around the World again 

What Have we done to her?

Changing her behaviour.

What can we do for her?

Can we even save her?

Forgive Me Mother Earth 

We all own the Seas

Americans and Japanese

We all own the Seas

Indians and Chinese

We all own the Wind

As it blows around the World again

We all own the Wind

European African

What Have we done to her?

Changing her behaviour.

What can we do for her?

Can we even save her?

Forgive Me Mother Earth 


Director of Photography Eamon Nolan
Camera Brian Grey
Camera Davin Quinn
Production Manager Jason Cullen

Directed by Simon Daniels
Produced by Design For Life
Video editing by Wissame Cherfi
Audio mixing by Enda Reilly
Location Sound Dave Best
Location Lighting Goda Akuockite
Event promotion Aiken Production
Publicist Dwayne Woods
Special thanks to Stephen James Smith and Simon Daniels