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I Rolled Her Down

Posted on 22 Apr 2013

It’s Original Song Mondays again. A week goes by quick!

I wrote this song after being deprived of discovery channel for a few weeks a couple of years back. I used to watch that Deadliest Catch show a lot and in hindsight it must have been because I was missing the show, that I started writing I Rolled Her Down. So I guess it’s my take on a modern day sea chanty. The Fisherman who falls in love with the sea. I distinctly remember finishing writing the song in a campsite at a great festival in Wicklow called Knockanstockan whilst music from two different stages was colliding all around me. The song is also another experiment in using two capos, which i think worked out well.Songwriting-wise, it one of those songs where you discover a title and spend the rest of the writing of the song finding out what the title means to you. Hope you enjoy this solo version.