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Waterfall – Song OF The Day #14

Posted on 7 Sep 2017

So this second week has been all covers and this is the last of those. The Stone Roses, Waterfall is one of those songs that just trucks along from start to finish with this otherworldy momentum. The riffs are quite special and the bit at the end is great fun.

Here’s the danielearwicker Youtube version which I was delighted with.

Caledonia – Cover Song Video

Posted on 18 Jan 2017

So this is a song that most Irish people are aware of because of the wonderful version by Delores Keane. It was written by Dougie MaClean from Scotland. About two weeks ago I took a hungover notion to sing it and i was enjoying it so much I decided to make an oul video. It’s a bit shorter than the original because I was singing it from memory and forgot some lyrics. I hope you enjoy it anyways.

Ingrid Bergman – Cover

Posted on 4 Jul 2013

Well here’s the song Ingrid Bergman, which originally came from the album Mermaid Avenue album by Billy Bragg and Wilco. Beautiful Album. I love the laid back half finger-picking half strumming of this one. It was that, the wonderful melody and the volcano that drew me to learning this song years back. We’ve sung it a lot at The Lazy Band’s gigs over the years and I used to play it with The Mongrels before that too.

Anyway I hope you enjoy my version of it. You can skip the waffle by clicking on the box in the video.