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Cinnamon Girl – Neil Young

Posted on 9 May 2013

This Neil Young acoustic cover of Cinnamon Girl is todays Cover Song Thursdays video. It’s one of those songs where you gotta groove with the main riff, it’s got a catchy interesting title and that bass line that comes out from under the Cinnamon Girl he sings in the chorus is just amazing. It gives me one of those how did they do that moments which I love getting from listening to music.

I’ve broken a rule over the last month which I’d picked up from Neil Young and I’m going to get back to that rule straight away! and that’s this “No Matter where I am or what’s going on if I have an idea for a song I write it. Right there and then.” I read this quote from Neil Young in a great book I have called Songwriters on Songwriting and that idea has kept me writing for years. I think he has a great point here cause when you leave the idea or don’t tie it down quick, it moves on! It’s gone. On that note I’m outta here to write a song. Hope you like the video.

Slán go fóill.

PS As always it’s great to get feedback, thumbs up on the video likes and shares and all that schtuff. Much appreciated. Thanks in advance!