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Bíodh Áilleacht Ann

Posted on 20 Jul 2020

Here’s a video of Bíodh Áilleacht Ann taken from Back To The Live Stream 14. It wasn’t even on the setlist 10mins before but my wife made a request for it and I’m pretty happy how it came out.

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RTÉ Raidió na Gaeltachta – An Cúinne Dána

Posted on 2 Apr 2020

RTÉ Raidió na Gaeltachta – An Cúinne Dána

I was chatting with presenter Tristan Rosenstock in Ireland earlier for his show An Cúinne Dána on RTÉ Raidió na Gaeltachta
The show will air at 10.30am Irish time on Saturday moring and will feature a gaelic version of my song Beauty in the making,
for which there will be a video and audio tomorrow.

Bhíos ag labhairt le tristan Rosenstock in Éirinn níos luaithe inniú don chlár An Cúinne Dána ar RTÉ RNaG. Craolfar an clár sin
Dé Sathairn seo agus beidh amhrán nua, Áilleacht sa Chruthú. Is leagan i ngaeilge de Beauty in the Making.

Down by the Sally Gardens

Posted on 30 Apr 2018

Here’s a performance of  Down By The Sally Gardens  from the event, I hear it in the Deep Hearts Core, live in Pearse Street Library on Poetry Day last week. Cathal Quinn and I had a lovely audience thanks to Dublin City Libraries and Guthanna Binne Síoraí. The Irish in the song and the show was translated by the one and only Gabriel Rosenstock.

the Whorls album version is over here