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Cover Song Thursdays

Cinnamon Girl – Neil Young

Posted on 9 May 2013

This Neil Young acoustic cover of Cinnamon Girl is todays Cover Song Thursdays video. It’s one of those songs where you gotta groove with the main riff, it’s got a catchy interesting title and that bass line that comes out from under the Cinnamon Girl he sings in the chorus is just amazing. It gives me one of those how did they do that moments which I love getting from listening to music.

I’ve broken a rule over the last month which I’d picked up from Neil Young and I’m going to get back to that rule straight away! and that’s this “No Matter where I am or what’s going on if I have an idea for a song I write it. Right there and then.” I read this quote from Neil Young in a great book I have called Songwriters on Songwriting and that idea has kept me writing for years. I think he has a great point here cause when you leave the idea or don’t tie it down quick, it moves on! It’s gone. On that note I’m outta here to write a song. Hope you like the video.

Slán go fóill.

PS As always it’s great to get feedback, thumbs up on the video likes and shares and all that schtuff. Much appreciated. Thanks in advance!

The New Blog And Videos

Posted on 7 May 2013

Hey, here’s some more information on my blog and videos. Every Monday and Thursday I’ll have a blog post with a bit of waffle about the song for the day. That’ll be on my new blog page which you are already on! You can share the blog post on Facebook if you’re on it and/or tweet about it from the new buttons to the left on the blog. And if you’ve anything to say about the song or the topic or the video then I’d love to read it in the comment section below the blog. Hup!

So here’s further explanation about your options for listening and sharing and commenting!

The Youtube Videos and Playlists

Video on Youtube

So you can also listen to the song on the Youtube page for it and you can share by clicking the share button below the video. This gives you options to share by email and to all the different social networks. You can Subscribe if you are on Youtube so you get notified directly through Youtube about new videos.

Youtube Playlist – A grand way to catch up on things

Each week when I’m adding a video to Youtube, I also add it to the top of the relevant playlist. Original Song Mondays and Cover  Song Thursdays In the playlist you can listen to just the songs in that playlist and it automatically moves to the next song which is handy.
What’s cool is that you can also share the playlist. (And if you are on Youtube you can make your own playlists of any videos on Youtube)

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You can share the blog post, the video or the playlist on Facebook from any of those pages or if you see one of them on my Facebook PageAnd use your social gift of the gab if that be playsin you
(Sharing the blog post puts an image of my first album Oxygen 21 with it which we’re trying to solve at the moment)

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I’m not amazing at the twitter to be honest but Retweeting any of my tweets of interest, sharing the above stuff or saying Howya to me @endareilly is all good stuff.

Sure let me know if there’s any other way you wanna hear or find out about my music and videos.

Cover Song Thursdays

Posted on 2 May 2013

Don’t Want To Know by

John Martyn


As many of you know, I play with a great group of amazing luvily talented people in a band called The Lazy Band. We’ve been playing in Bewely’s Cafe Theatre for a few years now, currently on the last Monday of the month. So if you are in Dublin city do call in at a lazy 8pm for a random mix of acoustic music.
This is a great song to play at anytime but especially with The Lazy Band. From John Martyn’s album Solid Air, which has been a major influence on what I do, I love the sentiment of both this and May You Never. Cian does an amazing earthquaking double bass solo and Tim takes over and brings it to atmospheric heights in this version with Elder keeping it all going.

I’m glad I recorded this because I don’t get to appreciate the others on the night because there’s so much going on and it’s all improvised. So from the left Cian Murphy is on double bass, Elder Roche is on piano, Christian Volkmann joined us for the evening on harmonica at the back, Mark Flynn (of The Blood Red Mountain Band) on Mandolin and vocals, Cathy McEvoy on fiddle and vocals, Eimear Lynch on fiddle and vocals Tim Hart on Low Whistle and vocals and myself on the far right. I’m sure you’ll get a kick out of it!

Cover Song Thursdays

Posted on 18 Apr 2013

So the second Cover Song Thursdays song video is now viewable and it’s a Bob Dylan Song. I must say I’m enjoying the process of putting these together although it takes a bit of time and I’m on a good technical learning curve at the moment. So let me know what you think and if there’s any song you’d like me add to the to do list!

She belongs to me

This is a warm blanket of a song. One of those that just wraps around you and you get lost in it. There’s something hypnotising about the original with Dylan and his band. The lyrics seem so natural yet they are abstract. You don’t know if the woman is a real woman or whether he’s personifying something else, maybe America or if it’s a bit of both. In fact I know I don’t know what it’s about and I don’t care. I love the feel of it and the guitar part in the background in the original is so cool I wanted to feature something similar in this version. The Open G tuning lent itself well to that task, I think.  I recently unearthed my version again for a special themed night called the Brownbread Mixtape which many Dubs have been at. Dylan was the theme so it was great to have the excuse to work it up again and always great to play there.

So that’s the craic. I hope you like my version and please share it with anyone you think will enjoy it!