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Whorls – More WB Yeats

Selected Poems by W. B. Yeats (1865-1939) set to music by Enda Reilly including some translations to Irish by Gabriel Rosenstock.

Read the first Review of Whorls by Tim Carroll of Folkwords

Thanks to Tim Carroll at Folkwords
Whorls’ by Enda Reilly – blending Yeats’ powerful, searching poetry with emotive music
“Across the years, the poems of W.B. Yeats have been interpreted and performed in many ways by numerous artists through the spoken word, drama and music. There is, to my mind, one performer that stands out, blending Yeats’ powerful, searching poetry with emotive music and song … that’s Irish musician and composer Enda Reilly. His latest album, ‘Whorls’ covers both instantly recognised treasures and little remembered gems from Ireland’s premier poet and follows Reilly’s quite stunning album ‘Arise And Go’.
On ‘Whorls’ we are treated to Reilly’s spectacular vision and understanding of Yeats’ work as he takes these poems into another dimension and creates something inspirational that’s altogether wonderful. From the supremely reflective ‘The Wild Swans at Coole’ through the gentle entreaty of ‘He Wishes For The Cloths of Heaven’ to the words of caution and wisdom in ‘Down By the Salley Gardens’ and the mysterious twilight of ‘The Stolen Child’ this album is an absolute delight.
Throughout ‘Whorls’ it’s clear you’re listening to a master at work, who combines a fine understanding of Yeats’ poetry with a tender respect for their messages, with songs delivered in English and Irish Gaelic, which whether you understand the words or not, offer a haunting otherworldly quality. I have the distinct feeling that could William Butler hear Reilly’s work he would thoroughly approve.
On ‘Whorls’ the lyrics are by W.B. Yeats, translations to Irish Gaelic by Gabriel Rosenstock, the music is composed and performed by Enda Reilly, except ‘Down By The Salley Gardens’, traditional arrangement by Enda Reilly. Find Enda Reilly and his work here: www.endareilly.com”

Album Notes

I hope you’ll enjoy listening to these new settings of Yeats. I felt compelled to put this collection together as I’ve been performing some of his poems for years.

Some will note the omission of September 1913 and The Lake Isle Of Innishfree. – Both are available on the Arise And Go Cd with Stephen James Smith. (And now on To The Waters and The Wild!)

released December 21, 2015

All lyrics by W.B. Yeats. Translations of A Drinking Song/Amhrán Na Póite, Epitaph, The Everlasting Voices/Na Guthanna Síoraí, Down By The Salley Gardens/Thíos Cois Garraithe Na Saillí and A Cradle Song/Seoithín Seó to Irish/Gaelic by Gabriel Rosenstock.

All music composed by Enda Reilly, except Down By The Salley Gardens; Traditional Arrangement by Enda Reilly.
Performed, Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Enda Reilly

Some of these Whorls were created for a poetic play called Guthanna Binne Síoraí so thanks goes to Tristan Rosenstock, Cathal Quinn, Gabriel Rosenstock, Clodagh Nic Gabhann, Megan Kennedy and the rest of the crew.

Thanks also to Stephen James Smith and Séamus Barra ó Suilleabháin and Cathal with whom I’ve performed some of these pieces on various occasions. And thanks to my wife for her support.
The Production Process 

My voice and guitar were recorded at the same time in my home studio, with mics into an iPad mini, then overdubbing various other instruments including guitar effect sounds, mandolin, acoustic guitar, electric violin, steel string guitar, classical guitar and various instruments from apps on the ipad including strings, uileann pipes, dulcimer trombone, trumpet and others from Thumbjam.  Other apps used on this project were  flux fx , and MIDI Flute.
The files were then moved to a laptop using Auria’s stem feature and mixed in Reaper.

The overdubbing part of this project was a messy, fun, creative and sometimes laborious task. Some editing was  done on the ipad and more in Reaper making use of the takes feature reaper has. But I wish I had gotten more of the work decided as usual, during tracking/recording.

So as this was a (get this side-project recorded and out of the way so I can do another originals album) type of project, I decided I’d master it myself. How difficult could it be?  🙂 I knew that it being a poetry/music record I wouldn’t have to get into loudness wars but one gets lured that direction. After 7 versions using basic stock plugins each time getting better I realized a new plugin or two might help. Enter Black Friday deals. I purchased Klanghelms MJUC, bx-digital v2, and Elysia Alpha Compressor.

So as usual for me with every recording project I do I try to remain a student as I go. (My last album being iced with the help of Mike Senior at my side in the form of his wonderful book Mixing Secrets)
My gurus this time round were Warren Huart and Ian Shephard via their wonderful Youtube videos. Warren interviews mastering Engineer Brian Lucey in a video of his and I got inspired to set up a mastering fx chain in Reaper loosely based on his actual analogue and digital gear.