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Trinity House Theater videos

Posted on 22 Jan 2023

Trinity House Theater

I had a wonderful time at Trinity House Theater on Friday. Great sound, great room, wonderful audience and two excellent artists in the round with me.

I’m currently on my way to Florida but I’m reminded what a great night we had on Friday in Livonia not too far from where I live. Videos are now up on their YouTube page. Well worth a watch. Wonderful venue. Nina Sofia and Shannon Lee were awesome and the in-the-round format is a favourite of mine!

In the videos you’ll see me performing An Nasc Nua, Samurai Sword, Ualach Ó Mo Chroí, Lakes of Pontchartrain and A Wounded Bird, which were very warmly received by a wonderfully friendly audience. And check out the videos of the songs by Nina and Shannon. Very soulful rhythmic songs. I had fun playing a mandolin solo on Shannon’s song Stars at the end of the show. Great craic.

You luckily can watch on this playlist which is the full show. I will upload my performances to my YouTube page at some point but do go support and subscribe to Trinity House Theaters page as they have many more in-the-rounds coming up this year.  https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLadH0JZ-pInwTmQwfjuhnstgXPgMmZ-O1

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