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Blog Archive for December, 2021

Awash With Colour Exhibition launch

Posted on 10 Dec 2021

Me on my PC getting ready for the broadcast.

So yesterday I took part in the opening of an exhibition of works from the Awash With Colour project playing two songs of mine in the Iontas Theatre Castleblayney Ireland via zoom. Lots of great arts songs and poetry all bouncing off each other. Worth going to see. It’s on til 11th January. My song Keep a trickle flowing was interpreted by Bernhard Gaul through a lino-print and I was inspired by Anne Marie Savage’s wonderful artwork to write “Where Does the Light Come from?” Thanks to AAEX and to Dara MacGabhann and Moposogs Monaghan for all they do! Listen to the radio interview I did with Dundalk FM and Bernhard Gaul where we discuss the project https://moposogsaaex.files.wordpress.com/…/20211021_e…

On the big screen, from the wings! by Dara MacGabhann
lino print by Berhard Gaul inspired by Enda Reilly’s “Keep a Trickle Flowing”
Túir Faire Romeo One One Alpha by Anna Marie Savage ..Inspired Enda’s song Where Does The Light Come From?

Pittsburgh Irish Fest Video

Posted on 8 Dec 2021

Watch one of my sets from PIF earlier this year! It was a wonderful festival to play at! This is a FB video so I hope it works ok for you. If not you may need to go into FB. While your at it give PIF a like! Thanks and enjoy the show.

IMRAM Online Films

Posted on 8 Dec 2021

I’ve been extremely lucky to be have involved with creating Live soundscapes for events for the Irish Language IMRAM festival over the years, working with amazing poets in the Irish language and visual artists! Two of those events will be aired as Movies on the 14th and 15th of December! Both are on at 8pm Irish Time. They are free to watch through eventbrite!

Mis https://www.eventbrite.ie/e/mis-tickets-199030213727

Tionscadal an tSneachta https://www.eventbrite.ie/e/tionscadal-an-tsneachta-the-snow-project-tickets-199029983037


CD Christmas Is With Us – Now available

Posted on 2 Dec 2021

You can now buy the Cd of the Christmas Album Christmas Is With Us (Tá An Nollaig Linn) The Digital version is also available through the widget below. Or through the albums TAB above. Any questions let me know!

Conceived, written, recorded and mastered by myself in 13 days in Dec 2020. I began to write the songs for this Christmas Album
in a hospital carpark due to Covid restrictions in Michigan as I was waiting for my wife’s procedure to be completed. (All went well
thankfully. So what brought on the Christmas Songs? It’s been a few years since I wrote a Christmas Song, (Some of you
might remember Christmas Wings?), so in the back of my mind I guess I was looking for angles to tackle the subject. And then in
the course of a few days the concepts came out and were developed in the studio with overdubs etc. I wasn’t sure if all five new
songs would make the cut but I’m proud of them all in their own ways so I hope you like them. It’s important for me to be as truthful as I can about
my beliefs and I didn’t want to do a one dimensional Christmas album. As I mention in one song “I’m not sure if I believe in
Christmas” but that doesn’t mean I can’t join the chorus and enjoy this traditional celebration. I hope this collection of Christmas
songs gets you in the spirit of Christmas and makes you think about your connection with it.