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Blog Archive for August, 2021

Milwaukee Irish Fest

Posted on 19 Aug 2021

Milwaukee here we come! Delighted and a little nervous to be going to Milwaukee Irish Fest for a set on Sunday at 12.45pm. Sorry to hear that the Irish contingent can’t be there this year due to covid restrictions. Looking forward to taking in the craic beforehand. And maybe hearing The Byrne Brothers singing a new song I wrote for them in Irish. Cro√≠ in √Čirinn.

Vikings Interviewed me in Dublin!

Posted on 18 Aug 2021

So a few years back three Danish students came to Dublin and found me and my music. They were inquisitive enough to make this mini-documentary. And they were a lot friendlier than I thought Vikings were!

If you wanna hear a more recent radio interview check out the one I did with Irish Music Cafe host Pat Johnson here The song at the beginning is an original called Each Other’s Shadows and the song at the end is A Wounded Bird
or on Spotify

Thanks to the Danes who made this! Daniel Lorenzen Tobias Jorgensen Marcus Friis The Vikings photo is “Wikinger” by Gunnar Ries zwo is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0