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Blog Archive for April, 2021

Cicadas Song

Posted on 17 Apr 2021

Cicadas Song – Latest Youtube video

Every 17years a big batch of insects comes out of the ground in Eastern USA, noisy ugly feckers but supposedly harmless thankfully. Anyway somehow I’ve written this song to amuse myself about them. And seeing as though any song written about animals etc. is automatically a kids song, then I guess this is a kids song. A bit of craic anyways. Enjoy!

1 Year Of The Enda Reilly Live Stream

Posted on 17 Apr 2021

Hello a chairde,

Today marks one full year of streaming every Saturday at 12 noon ET or “Live at 5” in √Čire. That’s over 60 1hr+ long Live streams
It has been very important for me to have a weekly musical outlet to perform old and new versions of songs,
and try out different audio setups etc. I’ve really enjoyed them. But more importantly it’s kept Anne Marie and I connected with
friends and family over this past year. So Thank You! for being with me whenever you could make it.

The format definitely suits me and so I’ll be continuing one way or another and I hope you’ll continue to join me!

Hup! – One Year Live Streaming