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Announcement: Christmas Is With Us EP

Posted on 14 Dec 2020

I have a new EP release! 6 Songs. Listen to Christmas is With Us on the Album page.

You can buy the download version via Bandcamp for 7 Eu (on pre-release til Wednesday) and here’s the Spotify link and  Apple Music, link for you streamers.

Conceived, written, recorded and mastered by myself in 13 days in Dec 2020. I began to write the songs for this Christmas Album in a hospital carpark (due to Covid restrictions) in Michigan as I was waiting for my wife’s procedure to be completed.(All went well and she is recovering!) So what brought on the Christmas Songs? It’s been a few years since I wrote a Christmas Song, (Some of you might remember Christmas Wings?), so in the back of my mind I guess I was looking for angles to tackle the subject. And then in the course of a few days the concepts came out and were developed in the studio with overdubs etc. I wasn’t sure if all five new songs would make the cut but I’m proud of them all so I hope you like them. It’s important for me to be as truthful as I can about my beliefs and I didn’t want to do a one dimensional Christmas album. As I mention in one song “I’m not sure if I believe in Christmas” but that doesn’t mean I can’t join the chorus and enjoy this traditional celebration. I hope this collection of Christmas songs gets you in the spirit of Christmas and makes you think about your connection with it.

The fact that I won’t make it home to Ireland this year is tough but then again does it really matter where we are in the world with lockdowns etc. happening due to covid? We need to stay connected with friends and family in the new ways imposed upon us and keep enjoying the music old and hopefully new. Happy Christmas Everyone!

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