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Posted on 17 May 2020

This week I decided to sing compositions of mine which are poems of WB Yeats pulled off the page. It’s been quite a while since I sang these WB Yeats poem-songs so I really got a kick out of performing them for you yesterday. If you missed it then the shortcuts for the poems are all here and under in the YouTube description/comments. The Album Whorls is available exclusively on Bandcamp as a download at the moment. The album versions have lots of extra instruments and there are some extra Yeats poems which I did not play live on this occasion. So do check it out.

1:44 The Player Queen
7:09 Crazy Jane Unreproved
10:56 The Stolen Child
22:55 When You are Old 
28:02 The Drinking Song – Amhráin na Póite 
32:51 September 1913
39:53 The Rose Tree
43:04 Óró Sé Do Bheatha Bhaile (Pearse)
48:24 Down By the Salley Gardens
53:30 He Wishes For The Cloths of Heaven
55:14 Epitaph
57:20 Dancer
1:03:30 The Wild Swans at Coole
1:09:28 The Lake Isle Of Innisfree
1:14:58 Sweet Everlasting Voices
1:22:07 Ag Ól Ag Ól Ag an Garbhóg (Enda Reilly and Pearse McGloughlin)

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