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Back To The Live Stream 3

Posted on 3 May 2020

Thanks for joining me at Back To the Live Stream 3. Some originals, some classics, some kids songs and a brand new one! Great to see some videos and pictures of folks enjoying and dancing to the music. If you missed it or would like to look back at any songs then below is where you’ll find shortcut links to the songs. Or just watch it through with my stream of thought monologue!

A special thanks again to anyone who tipped. Fair play to yis!

Short Cuts (Also found in YT description box)

5:00 In My Element
11:54 Carrickfergus
18:37 Where The Sweetest Waters Flow
25:16 Donal Ná Fág from Amhrain Nua i nGaeilge
30:54 Everytown has it’s ups and Downs
33:49 Robinhood And Littlejohn
37:03 Fionn (The Salmon Of Knowledge)  Brand New!
42:19 Caledonia
51:19 Calling Me Home – Cowritten with Keith Grogan
1:00:38 Norwegian Wood
Last two songs are on another video!
Wild Mountain Thyme and Henry 

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