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Blog Archive for April, 2020

Not Just Blue New Video New Song

Posted on 27 Apr 2020

A chairde,
Here’s a brand new song and video I’ve just finished work on. It’s a bit blue but Not Just Blue! 😉

Let me know what you think! in the comments and do subscribe on Youtube ring the bell for notifications of when I go live and new videos and share it about the internet thanks!

I’ve made the audio for this track available on Bandcamp here

Stay well and be good to yourself!

Back To The Live Stream 2

Posted on 27 Apr 2020

Hello music lover! We had the second Back To the Live Stream on Saturday and it went really well again. We had a load of requests which was challenging but fun! Great to have so many people from round the world saying hello.

If you tuned in thanks for being with me and you can watch back below. If you weren’t I forgive you and you can look back in the video below! 😉

And Many thanks to anyone who tipped this week or last week. It is very helpful! Here’s my tip jar! http://www.Paypal.me/EndaReilly

And this is helping raise the quality of my videos. I’ve noticed the video was a bit jittery though the audio was still good. I’m working on it!

Magic Short cuts!

So I know it can be frustrating looking back at a live stream with all the chat and all so I created links beneath the youtube video and also straight from this post. Just click below and it’ll take you direct to the song. Magic! (Kinda)

0:30 ‘S Fó níor aimsigh mé Cad Tá chuardú a’am (Guess what song it is!)
7:42 In My Garden (by Mark McGuigan And Enda Reilly)
15:59 Hidin’ Away (from Oxygen 21)
23:35 The Open Highway (from Oxygen 21)
26:55 Tracks Of My Tears
32:32 Nightswimming
40:22 September 1913 (WB Yeats)
48:06 Earthlings (Brand New!!!)
53:07 On Raglan Road
58:28 The Lakes Of Pontchartrain
1:06:50 Old Songs (Brand New!!!)
1:14:55 Not Just Blue (Brand New!!!)
1:22:51 Samurai Sword 

Or watch the full thing right here!

Live Streaming on Saturdays

Posted on 21 Apr 2020

I had a great time last week at the LiveStream. Thanks all who joined me for songs and chat, for the requests and for sharing the LiveStream around. I’ve decided to do a LiveStream every Saturday at 12noon Eastern Time, 9am Pacific Time, 5pm GMT and 6PM CET You can view it here on endareilly.com/live

I’ll be going live on Facebook and YouTube so do join me. I can’t promise I’ll do all requests but if I know them I’ll give them a shot! Donations welcome https://www.paypal.me/endareilly

I’ll also be going live from my Youtube channel and Facebook page if you prefer those platforms as it can be easier to share with friends and have the chats during the Stream. 

Enda Reilly Back To the LiveStream

Posted on 17 Apr 2020

It’s been a couple of years since I was last Live Streaming and since my From The Live Stream EP. It seems to have become all-the-rage. A concept that’s really taken off since most people are at home and stuck to their screens. I’ve been making better quality videos of late which has been fun but I thought I’d try out a Live Stream concert of my own again after a successful Instagram concert for IstayathomeIreland which was a lot of fun. And a few people were asking also.

So this Saturday at 12noon ET and 5pm Irish Time (Sorry Californians 9am! I was not thinking!) I’ll be going live on Facebook, Youtube and Periscope. If you have any requests do let me know beforehand if you can!

Here’s my tip jar