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Music From The Moon competition

Posted on 17 Apr 2019

So when I was writing this song Music From The Moon, I tried to get a lot of my thoughts about the moon into it but the song didn’t want all of that in there so after a few rewrites I think I have a balance between what the song wants and what I want, if that makes any sense. More of my thoughts on moon rock and the formation of the moon are below if you are interested along with the lyrics. Any errors or questions then let me know!

Voices they can’t travel through the cold cold of space
Noone could survive there they’d implode without a trace
Though we are betrayed by that vast vaccuum
I swear to you I’ve heard Music From The Moon

Music, I’ve heard Music from the Moon
Let’s groove to it,
That Music From The Moon

A meteorite once pulverised the young hot Earth
And as the Earth reformed the moon was given birth
She’s given us the seasons those rhythms and rhymes
We’ve been dancing to her beat since the very first times

We hear it at the high tides
See it on the bright nights
We know it when dogs howl to the sky

It’s Music, Music From The Moon
Let’s groove to it, that Music From The Moon

We hear it at the high tides
See it on a bright night
We know it when dogs howl to the sky
We love it when the sun sleeps
In awe at an eclipse
We take the small steps and the giant leaps

Cause It’s music, Music From The Moon
Keep grooving to it, that Music From The Moon,

Oh I love it when the sun sleeps
In awe at an eclipse
Take the small steps and giant leaps

It’s Music, Music From The Moon
Groove to it, that Music From The Moon

Lunar Musings

Like many, I’ve always found the moon fascinating. When I was studying geology we studied meteorites under the microscope and on one occasion we got lucky enough to get to look at moon rocks from NASA, a set of which go around to different Universities around the world. The moon rocks I saw had a lot of what they call spherules which are the cooled splash of an impact. It cools so quickly that they don’t form any minerals and so are a glass in almost perfect tiny spheres. What was notable about them was that they were very clean looking and all the mineral were almost unreacted, because of being on the moon with no oxygen. Very strange.

One of the theories of how the moon formed is that the earth was impacted by a large meteorite early in it’s history and the ejecta from that impact came together as the moon. It’s thought to have come at an angle which gives Earth some of the wobbles that it has, which lead to our seasons because the angle of the Suns rays hitting the Earth change and with it the temperature and length of our days at different times of year change.

Do let me know what you think and if you have a song about the moon I’d love to hear it!

One response to “Music From The Moon competition”

  1. Teresa Tigheur Name says:

    Great work End a it’s touching the senses. Well done. Love It!

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