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From The Live Stream

Posted on 6 Oct 2017

My New Release is a selection of songs from the Live Streaming Concerts!

As many of you are aware, I’ve been broadcasting a Live Stream Concert once a month for the last three months. They have been great experiences for me and thanks to all who have attended, chatted live and shared the stream during and after the broadcast.

I’ve decided to release a selection of songs from the July, August and September Live Stream Concerts, as an EP called From the Live Stream. It will be a digital release available on Spotify, itunes and other stores.
To entice you to buy the album from Bandcamp or endareilly.com, the Bandcamp version will have two bonus tracks and will be available in many formats including 24bit FLAC files for those who like extreme high quality.
The Bandcamp version is available to Pre-Order now. This will allow you to listen to two tracks immediately and you will get the album as soon as it’s released on Wednesday the 11th October.

Here are the tracks that made the cut for “From the Live Stream” Some old and some new.

1 A Wounded Bird
2 Each Other’s Shadows
3 Gravity (Love-song Of Two Black Holes)
4 Melt Those Guns
5 The Lakes Of Pontchartrain
6 Deoindí
Bonus 1 An Fháinleog (Available on the Bandcamp version)
Bonus 2 Sam Hall (Available on the Bandcamp version)

1 A Wounded Bird
Originally written as a melody, my wife wrote a poem inspired by the melody which I turned into this song.

2 Each Other’s Shadows is a brand new song, which is inspired by the Irish phrase Ar scáth a chéile a mhaireann na daoine, which I’ve seen translated as No Man is an Island. The literal translation in my opinion is more along the lines of “The people live in each others shadows”. This idea had been going round my head for a while so I’m delighted it found form in this song.

3 Gravity (Love-song Of Two Black Holes)- Recently two encircling black holes were heard colliding by LIGO, a machine physicists devised to listen for gravitational waves, or the rippling of space-time. It’s an echo from 1billion years ago and this is their love-song.
The physicists involved have just received the Nobel Prize for this.

4 Melt Those Guns
A song appealing to the best part of our human selves to aim for a better future for all.

6 Deoindí
This is a short acapella song in the sean-nós style. I heard this on a Cd I got of Seosamh ó hÉanaí and added a verse myself.

Bonus 1 An Fháinleog (Available on the Bandcamp version)
Bonus 2 Sam Hall (Available on the Bandcamp version)

So you can wait for the itunes and Spotify versions or Pre-Order The Bandcamp version now.


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