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Blog Archive for September, 2017

Waterfall – Song OF The Day #14

Posted on 7 Sep 2017

So this second week has been all covers and this is the last of those. The Stone Roses, Waterfall is one of those songs that just trucks along from start to finish with this otherworldy momentum. The riffs are quite special and the bit at the end is great fun.

Here’s the danielearwicker Youtube version which I was delighted with.

Nightswimming -Song Of The Day 13

Posted on 6 Sep 2017

This is one of my most popular cover songs on youtube and one of my favourites too. REM’s Nightswimming. It took a while to get an arrangement that worked on guitar but I’m pleased with the outcome. Enjoy!

Cinnamon Girl – Song Of The Day #10

Posted on 3 Sep 2017

The riff and how it flows into the refrain of Cinnamon Girl is what drew me to this Neil Young song. Although I’m not a massive Neil Young fan something he said in an interview has affected me as a writer. It was something about putting the song first, so when a song idea comes to you, if you’re a songwriter then you owe it to the song to write it there and then if at all possible.