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Strangers On A Train – Song Of The Day 7

Posted on 31 Aug 2017

Inspired by the Alfred Hitchcock movie of the same name, this is kinda like a trailer for the film. A fun little project I set myself to encapsulate the essence of the film into a song in a fun way. There’s a little bit of Johnny cash creeping into this one too. This was on my first album, Oxygen 21 and also on a compilation Cd with other train songs.

And if you like it have a listen to the original Oxygen 21 album version below.

2 responses to “Strangers On A Train – Song Of The Day 7”

  1. Art Sirota says:

    Hey Enda! Shrink my skin, I really liked that song. I keep getting amazed with what you can do with your voice. It goes in unexpected directions. I meant that i a good way! -Art

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