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To the Edge of Nowhere – Song Of The Day 4

Posted on 28 Aug 2017

This is definitely influenced by the hero story concepts of Joseph Campbell, which also tie in with the creation of art and the fear one faces in putting Art into the world.  So the artist goes to the edge of her known world and into the uncomfortable or exciting area of discovery. Having the courage to go on the journey is an initial obstacle. Then she comes back with her art and doesn’t know whether anyone else will understand what she’s found or created. Campbell says the gold found can sometimes turn to ashes when brought back to the real world.

There’s also an echo of the idea of revolution in here, as I wrote it  in 2016 during the 100 year commemoration of the 1916 Easter Rising.

To The Edge Of Nowhere

Oh I long to go

To the Edge of Nowhere

But all my doubts and woes

Had me going nowhere

But oh I’m gonna go

To the edge of nowhere

And I know I know

I’ll be the first to get there

Even as this city burns

Even as I pray

The way ahead is less than clear

But I’m going all the way


And I long to show

You what I find there

Treasures pure as gold

Will all come in good time there

Even as this city burns

Forever as I pray

You and I will get there

Hell, we’re on our way


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