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Melt Those Guns – Song Of The Day 3

Posted on 27 Aug 2017

A plea to humanity to change our ways.

It is an intriguing thing to me, coming from a supposedly neutral country how attached to guns some countries are. From children who grow up in militia or gangs in third world countries, to the right to bear arms in the US. There is the engineering marvel at how intricate a thing it is and the more apparent horrors that come from their misuse. And I can imagine that if it seems everyone else had one that I’d feel the need to have one too. I’m grateful for the fact that it’s not like that in Ireland at least at the moment.

So this song is a plea, perhaps in vain, for us to break down the systems of the past and re-imagine a new world where things work in a more hopeful, holistic, less aggressive manner. It appeals to me to imagine the actual materials, the metal of the guns, being melted and reforged into some new invention that might have a better function. An older technology giving way to a better world. Systems that are ingrained in our culture are very difficult to change, if not impossible but one can live in hope.

Then I guess because of talk of the wall that the US are intending to build with Mexico and the refugee crisis in the Mediterranean I’m considering a world with no borders. Natural borders have always existed and it makes sense that nations developed because of these. The limit to how fast and far people could travel all would have had added to the formation of countries and borders but we are no longer as inhibited by these and maybe it’s not such a weird notion to not have borders anymore or to do away with them in the future. The ultimate physical realization of the internet and the idea of globalism might be a world without borders. I guess there’s a flip-side to that of people losing national identity and language which would be a high price to pay. So maybe this idea is half-baked, but it’s an interesting thought.

It seems the third verse is a realization that most problems in the world are hard wired concepts, that many people share and the only way to change these, is to start changing our thinking or reshape our beliefs to something more worthy of the times, situations and problems of today.

Melt those guns
Throw those bullets down
Make some new technology
That will shoot down the anger and fear
That comes between you and me

Melt our hearts
Tear our borders down
Let there be no more refugees
For nature is one on this ball under the sun
I know I’m dreaming but let me dream please

And now I awaken and what can I do?
I know this is the way of the world
But I don’t have to be happy about it,

So let’s Melt our minds
Help us see from the inside
we on earth all are one
Or else sometime after we’ve
destroyed it all for greed
A new day will come

When they’ll

Melt those guns
Throw those bullets down
Make some new technology
That will shoot down the anger and fear
That comes between you and me

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