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Be part of my Climate Change Song Video

Posted on 10 Nov 2016

Do you want to be in a new video of mine? It’s called No Planet B and it’ll be the first proper video of one of my Climate Change Songs. There’s a bit at the end that repeats the phrase “Climate Change On The Brain” and we’d like to get you lovely people videoing yourselves with your camera-phone or video camera singing along with this audio clip.As many of you know I’ve been writing songs about Climate Change for years and in a chat with my good friend and videographer, Bob Kelly we decided to make a video to get people talking more about Climate Change. This song was inspired by seeing posters and banners with No planet B written on them.

Here’s how to do this.

In a well lit place or outside on a bright day you can listen with earphones to the recording here (or click the phot below or email me at endareilly@gmail.com for an mp3)  on one device (ipod pc or another phone) and record it with another selphy style or otherwise (panoramic if possible). If you can say the 1 2 3 4 It will help us synchronize all the recordings but don’t worry too much about it. You can be serious in the video or have a bit of fun with it as you wish.

1  2  3  4″Climate Change On The Brain
Climate Change On The Brain
Climate Change On The Brain The Brain”                        x4When you get a recording you are happy with send it to me at endareilly@gmail.com via WeTransfer , Google Drive, Dropbox or any other method that works for you.

Here’s the full lyrics to the song just so you know what I’m singing about for the rest of the track.

No Planet B

There’s no Planet B
There’s no Planet B
No place we can go
We must succeed.

We’ve got one planet
We over ran it
Victims of our own lust and greed.
How we’re behavin
Needs rearranging

And Just Like pandora
did not what she oughta
We’ve opened the box
We’ve freed CO2
From black fossil goo
Shoulda left it alone
Locked up in Rocks


cause the heat will keep risin
Unless we keep findin
better energies
But what we are missin
is people insisiting
that this is worth more than economies

Those with least emissions
bear the worst conditions
of Climate Change
This is not Justice
How can we adjust this?
The fruit on the tree is still strange



Adaptation’s our fate
to a world with less wildlife
And no small sticky plaster
will end this strife

In Copenhagen
We hoped our nations would
turn this all around
In Paris we pray
Governments of today will hold to
Keep it in the ground

Do we really trust
They will do what is Just
I hope they’ll be courageous
A canary tells me
they might not agree
so it will be left to us.


We gotta let them know
This is worth our votes
In the next election
So let’s get Climate Change
on the brain
of everyone in the nation

Climate Change On The Brain
Climate Change On The Brain
Climate Change On The Brain The Brain x4

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