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German Review for Amhráin Nua I nGaeilge

Posted on 13 Jan 2016

Thanks to Markus Dehm from Irland Journal
for this review and to Martin Sauter for the translation.

“Enda Reilly
Amhráin Nua I nGaeilge/New Songs in Irish
EndaDeRoad Records, 14 Tracks

When you develop an interest in Gaelic song you notice that the offered pieces mostly have their roots in the past. When you then ask the singers why they always look for songs in earlier eras and why they don’t just write new songs on new topics you often get the following answer: “Because most of the old songs are timeless and are still valid today and because there simply is such an abundance of excellent songs in Irish which have been handed down by our forefathers.” Such answers are convincing and also true.
Nevertheless a small question mark remains whether it would not be sensible also to write new material, not least in order to foster a continuation of development of this genre. Enda Reilly, who does not come from a Gaeltacht, but rather from the Dublin suburb of Tallaght, is one of those who do write new material. He picks up a pen and write new Irish songs, some of which have been immortalised on his new album.
John Spillane also does that kind of thing, but the two of them nevertheless are not comparable, too different are their voices, too different their arrangements. Enda Reilly who also works with Aoife Scott, daughter of Frances Black also works on quite a number of other Irish projects which is why it is worth having a look at his website, www.endareilly.com .
Irish speaking artists who go their own ways do not always have it easy in our society dominated by mass markets, another reason why we should support them.
Markus Dehm”