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Blog Archive for September, 2015


Posted on 25 Sep 2015

Stephen James Smith and I are on a tour of Gymnasiums (4th to 6year equiv. of Ireland) and have been enjoying the hospitality. Seeing a new country is always an eye opener. We’re touring with Cormac ó Donnchú from Experience Gaelic Games and having a blast.

Here’s a few pictures





Meeting House Square – Arena

Posted on 21 Sep 2015

Here’s a video which shows a few of the singers from Culture Night including Aoife Scott, Fiach, Lisa Lambe, Simon Morgan and myself singing Dylan’s The Times They Are a Changing with The RTE Concert Orchestra. I had a ball performing with Stephen James Smith and Aoife Scott earlier and with Cathal Quinn in St. Patrick’s Mental Health Services even earlier in the evening.


And for those with time to listen, here is the link to RTE’s Arena radio broadcast in full from Friday night:
You can catch Stephen James Smith followed by Stephen and me doing An Irish Airforceman Foresees his Death by Yeats, followed by Aoife Scott and me doing a duet Do Mhuirnín Ó starting at the 1 hr 12 min 30 second mark. But really, it’s ALL AMAZING! “The Times They are a Changing” is at the 2 hr 35 min mark too, which was used on the promo video.

Culture Night

Posted on 16 Sep 2015

Here’s what and where I’ll be performing on Culture Night in Dublin City. Hope you have a cultural night wherever you are!
6.15pm – 7.00pm This Friday, Culture Night in St Patrick’s Mental Health Services, James’s Street. 
 St Pats Culture Night
‘I Hear it in the Deep Heart’s Core’ – an evening of the poetry of WB Yeats, with many of the poems set to music.
Wonderful musician Enda Reilly is renowned for his musical interpretations of Yeats’s poetry, his original music and melodic singing voice heightens the words of the great poet, allowing you to appreciate the poems on a higher level. Enda has teamed up with actor Cathal Quinn, Head of Voice at The Lir, Trinity College, who is a celebrated speaker of poetry: his portrayal of Keats travelled to Canada, America and the UK; his interpretation of the poetry of Beckett for Mouth on Fire has played many festivals, and, in collaboration with Enda Reilly, they have brought the poems of Yeats and Heaney off the page for Guthanna Binne Síoraí in Ireland, India and Japan. Together they present ‘I Hear it in the Deep Heart’s Core’ a thrilling combination of voices to take you on a lyrical and musical journey through some of Yeats’s most famous poems.
8.20pm or so. Then I’ll be legging it down to Meeting House Square to play with Stephen James Smith and Aoife Scott and the RTE Orchestra.