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With Climate Change We’ve Got To Change

Posted on 30 Oct 2014

I spent a while yesterday watching and listening to the IPCC AR5, (the 5th report of the Intergovernmental Panel On Climate Change)  all about the latest info on Climate Change.  Here’s a Youtube playlist I made of the videos if you want to watch them.  Or you can listen to the song I wrote which summarizes it in 2mins 50secs.

This song has some of the main messages arising from the IPCC 5th assessment reports. This short statement from the chair of the IPCC Rajendra K. Pachauri is well worth reading.

He says

“Three key messages have emerged from the report:
One: Human influence on the climate system is clear – and clearly growing.
Two: We must act quickly and decisively if we want to avoid increasingly destructive outcomes.
Three: We have the means to limit climate change and build a better future.”

This song as with all my climate change songs is my way of spreading the message. I hope you enjoy the song and take hope from the fact that we can “build a better future”.

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