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Earth Day – Isn’t That Amazing

Posted on 22 Apr 2014

Seeing as though it’s Earth Day today I have spent the day recording this new song which has been part of my Workshops this year in schools. It’s a bit of fun, a bit educational and has a message. I’ve added this to the Climate Change Songs album on the site. The lyrics are below


In the Sun Hydrogen comes together

It burns so bright in the sky

Heats the planet

It Makes the wind blow

which Makes the flora grow

Which gives us Oxygen

Isn’t that amazing?

Some of this energy

gets stored away

In peat and coal and gas and oil

that we burn every day

We burned and burn the fuel

We thought that it was cool

But now we know it’s not


The Earth has got too hot

The Earth has got too hot


Isn’t that Amazing

Isn’t that Amazing

Isn’t that Amazing

Now we need to find

A different kind of energy

That doesn’t hurt the planet

And won’t cost too much money

Like the wind that blows

Or the flora that grows

Or maybe hydrogen

or the Sun that keeps on blazing

Wouldn’t that be amazing


So let’s put up a good fight

Keep Carbon in our sights

And maybe one fine day

We will find a way

3 responses to “Earth Day – Isn’t That Amazing”

  1. Sean O'Neill says:

    Enda, you came up with the solution years ago. What about ……gyms around the world?

  2. marry says:

    all things are not for every one only rich people enjoy these things

  3. Jane Jackson says:

    Saw you at the recent climate summit in the chartered accountant house. Sorry i didn’t get a chance to talk with you after.I was busy putting my own question together to the panel so that I missed yours. I would be interested to hear your take on the summit. Jane

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