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Gaol Gairid

Posted on 4 Nov 2013

Orla and enda Rte

Bhí comhrá deas agam le Cormac O hEadhra Agus Órla nic Shuibhne cúpla Seachtain ó shin do gclár Gaol Gairid. Chraolfar inniú ag 4.15pm ar Raidió Na Gaeltachta é.

So I had a great chat and a bit of craic with Órla nic Shuibhne and Cormac O hEadhra on Gail Gairid a show on RTÉ RNaG, Ireland’s national Irish Language radio station. It airs today at 4.15pm. And it was nice to get into the RTE Guide magazine too.

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