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Blog Archive for October, 2013


Posted on 19 Oct 2013

So I’ve played two gigs as part of the Tai-Aš festival in Vilnius, and a small town called Baisogola. Today ill play in Tamsta which is a venue in Vilnius and tomorrow in the second biggest city called Kaunus. The weather had been Overcast and drizzly but today the Sun came out and its a lovely place in the Sun. I’ve met other musicians from France, England, Latvia, Italy, Scotland, Ukraine a d Lithuania.
weirdest thing is that Atchoo is the way to say thanks and I still can’t get over people atchooing into mics!


Posted on 13 Oct 2013

So today is the fourth day in Switzerland. The chocolate is great. Brigite our host is an amazing cook. I had the best Quiche ever the other night. The pub we^re playing in is in the old town of Fribourg and to get to it you got to go down a really steep hill into what feels like a Caldera or the centre of a volcano, but is really just a mad hole where the old town is situated by a nice river.

The Banshees Lodge pub is really old with the biggest wooden beams going through it I^ve ever seen. We^ve been playing our gigs in the cellar which is hewn into the rock and I^m getting a kick out of the fact that there^s a wall of sandstone bedrock on one side, where an ancient river used to run, running from the satge area all through the cellar.

The cellar has filled up on both nights and we^ve had great gigs. Fia Rua has been rocking the place out with Christophe playing fiddle as only he can play and Adam bating the hell outta the Cajon. I^ve really enjoyed my sets and Fia^s punk folk genius. Great songs. Hearing tales of Galway and Kildare over here in Switzerland is an interesting perspective.

We went to see the Alps from a town called Gruyere yesterday. You climb a steep hill up from a grassland valley where cows graze with massive bells round there necks clanging away and at the top of the hill is the old cobblesoned village of Gruyere, with cool shaped buildings all round and the snow-covered Alps like a cake-top covered with Icing sugar. The peaks and cliffs in the sky are unbelievable. It^s hard to believe that such narrow slices of rock can stay standing. A lovely mixture of trees can be seen on the slopes and it^s mad to be looking down on such tall trees who^s highest leaves are below your feet and then to see trees in the distance much higher again on the mountains.

So amid the old village of Gruyere with Swatch watches and Victorionox swiss knives for sale is a Museum. Will we go in?  say the lads. Sure why not. It^s the Giger musuem. Such a surreal juxtoposition I may never encounter again. He^s the artist who made the drawings for the Alien films, the one with Sigourny Weaver. The weirdest visceral art I^ve seen, which even though it^s all based on Aliens, in a boomerang way is actually an exploration of humanity, with our emotions, desires and fears in a futuristic mechanical techno-cyborg kinda way. Then we had a smoothie in the Alien Cafe which was like the inside of a whale-like Alien. And back out into beautiful nature.

Just before i came over I got the “New Songs In Irish” album as I^m gonna call it, mastered. I^m very happy with the way it sounds and with the way the album flows, so I can^t wait to get it out to the world once the art is all done. 

Note: the letters on the keyboard are different and I can^t find the apostrophy%&/