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Culture Night

Posted on 14 Aug 2013

Culture night is a great occasion for the arts to open up to the general public in a generous way.  In the past I’ve done Irish songwriting Workshops and concerts in Irish.  This year it’s on the Friday the 20th of September. I’m delighted to be involved with two events that night.

Firstly from 6 to 8pm in Tallaght Library.

Friday 20th September 6:00- 8:00 pm. Culture Night 2013 at the County Library.  Where Literary and Historical Figures Come to Life! Meet Jonathan Harker, as he reads from his journal, the frightful events that occurred in Count Dracula’s castle. Listen with delight as Oscar WIlde tells the story of The Selfish Giant. He will then introduce us to his latest play, The Importance of Being Earnest, where Lady Bracknell and Algenon are about to have afternoon tea. Visit Seán O’Casey’s tenement Dublin and gaze with wonder as Mrs. Gogan gossips about Nora Clitheroe’s antics. Be inspired by Big Jim Larkin’s speech from Dublin Castle, and Padraig Pearse’s graveside oration. For children, Irish History Live will bring the days of the Dublin tenements in 1913 to life. These wonderful snapshots of Irish literature and history will be supported by the music of Enda Reilly and Stephen James Smith. All welcome!

Culture Night

Click for the main Culture Night page.

And secondly as part of The Nighthawks annual Oxfam concert in the Oxfam shop on Parliament Street, Dublin.  This will be from 7 to 10pm and I’ll be on at 9.35pm. (This may be aired live on RTE One as it was last year. )

I hope you attend something in your local area for Culture Night and if i see you on the night that’d be great!

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