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Blog Archive for July, 2013

Ingrid Bergman – Cover

Posted on 4 Jul 2013

Well here’s the song Ingrid Bergman, which originally came from the album Mermaid Avenue album by Billy Bragg and Wilco. Beautiful Album. I love the laid back half finger-picking half strumming of this one. It was that, the wonderful melody and the volcano that drew me to learning this song years back. We’ve sung it a lot at The Lazy Band’s gigs over the years and I used to play it with The Mongrels before that too.

Anyway I hope you enjoy my version of it. You can skip the waffle by clicking on the box in the video.


Strangers On A Train

Posted on 1 Jul 2013

When I saw the Alfred Hitchcock movie of the same name I thought it was a great story and so i took on a wee project to write a song around the film: Do yourself a favour and watch it if you haven’t already. After copious notes were taken and by somewhat sticking chronologically to the plot I realised I had better finish the song before making it too long and giving away the whole film in the process. So this song is what I ended up with. A trailer for the film if you will. Or  a reminder if you’ve already seen it.
The original version from Oxygen 21 is still available to buy on itunes and is a bit different.


Cello Song

Posted on 1 Jul 2013

Years ago this finger-picking technique on the guitar took me a while to learn and then another while to sing over it. I guess that’s the way these things are learnt. Anyway I’m glad i gave it a shot and delighted to share a live version of with you today.  There’s something magical about Nick Drake’s songs and this one just gets me from the start. I hope you enjoy my Irishified version half as much as i enjoy playing it!