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Wild Mountain Thyme

Posted on 13 Jun 2013

Here’s a song that my Mammy loves and only fitting that I should sing it out her back garden in Tallaght. I call it Go Lassie Go myself but the real name is Wild Mountain Thyme. Rumours abound that its from Scotland though I saw it recently attributed to the McPeak family from Northern Ireland. The debate gives it a bit more mystery methinks.

Mossy Nolan, Lisa O’Neill and the Blood Red Mountain Band are friends of mine who all do great versions of this. And each version is different but still singalongable to.

Accompanying me is a neighbors’ dog, cars, ┬átrailers and trees blowing. All the sounds if the suburbs!

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2 responses to “Wild Mountain Thyme”

  1. Claus Hebor says:

    Excellent – one of my favourite songs! When I bring Irish bands to Denmark we always end their gigs with the Whole audience standing in front of the stage singing to this song!

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