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Blog Archive for June, 2013

Dayo and the Swingfolk

Posted on 25 Jun 2013

This Saturday I’m playing support to Dayo and The Swingfolk in the Cobalt Cafe, Dublin. From the videos I’ve seen they are great energetic band. Check out the video below. Doors are at 8.30 on Saturday.

A Wounded Bird

Posted on 24 Jun 2013

Welcome to Original Song Monday! So I began writing the melody for A Wounded Bird fingerpicking on the guitar and developed it on the fiddle and had a nice instrumental version of it. Then my beautiful fianceé Anne Marie Lents wrote a poem to it, which i tweaked and since then I’ve been working on the arrangement leading to this version. I haven’t been fully happy with my live version so I hope this is almost there now.

You are a Wounded Bird
On a road with passers by
You are a Wounded Bird
But they would let you die
Before they broke your wing
They stole your will to fly
Remember your sweet song
Now I only hear your cry
You are a Wounded Bird
Still waiting just to die
I will mend your wing
If you’ll relearn to fly

All the people pray
The foolish and the wisest
All the people say
It’s you who flew the highest
Remember all those days
You can have them back again

Guitar inst

You’re not a Wounded Bird
You can dry your eye
You’re not a Wounded Bird
Here’s the reason why
I only fixed your wing
It was you who chose to fly
You’re not a wounded bird
You can dry your eye
You’re not a Wounded Bird
Here’s the reason why
I can hear you sing
As you embrace the sky

One Day Like This

Posted on 19 Jun 2013

Cover Song Thursdays song this week is One Day Like This by Elbow. This also introduces The Gospel Project to many of you and I’m looking forward to you hearing Judith on Piano and the rest of the singers in the Gospel Project Cathy, Clara, Amy and Kieran.  Please subscribe to The Gospel Projects Youtube page to hear and see more songs in future lead by various members of the group. I’m very lucky to be in with such great singers and I’m learning a lot since joining the band last year as it’s a different genre of music from what I’m used to. So this was requested by a bride as a choir song for a wedding and the video is the first time we’ve performed it with me singing. It was a challenge exploring my falsetto voice on this one and I hope you enjoy it.

Wild Mountain Thyme

Posted on 13 Jun 2013

Here’s a song that my Mammy loves and only fitting that I should sing it out her back garden in Tallaght. I call it Go Lassie Go myself but the real name is Wild Mountain Thyme. Rumours abound that its from Scotland though I saw it recently attributed to the McPeak family from Northern Ireland. The debate gives it a bit more mystery methinks.

Mossy Nolan, Lisa O’Neill and the Blood Red Mountain Band are friends of mine who all do great versions of this. And each version is different but still singalongable to.

Accompanying me is a neighbors’ dog, cars,  trailers and trees blowing. All the sounds if the suburbs!

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