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The Polar Bear Song

Posted on 13 May 2013

Here’s The Polar Bear Song, which is part of my Climate Change Songs Workshops.



In the workshops I use this to introduce Methane as a gas to the students. It’s the same as Natural Gas and is also called CH4. Methane is much worse than CO2 as a Greenhouse Gas especially over the short term, which means it keeps loads more heat in the atmosphere.  The fear is that as the temperature of the planet rises, a certain temperature will be reached when the permafrost (permanently frosty land) which has CH4 locked into it will begin to thaw and release the CH4 Methane into the atmosphere. This would heat the earth up even more and would probably not be good for us.

What I find interesting about it is that after 12years they say methane comes out of the atmosphere again as part of it’s cycle. So it makes sense to me that any reduction in methane emissions now, would be reaped relatively quickly (after 12years) and would reduce the amount of carbon in the atmosphere. Whereas concentrating solely on CO2 emissions reductions won’t see a benefit for at least 90 and perhaps up to 1o00s of years.

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