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Cover Song Thursdays

Posted on 2 May 2013

Don’t Want To Know by

John Martyn


As many of you know, I play with a great group of amazing luvily talented people in a band called The Lazy Band. We’ve been playing in Bewely’s Cafe Theatre for a few years now, currently on the last Monday of the month. So if you are in Dublin city do call in at a lazy 8pm for a random mix of acoustic music.
This is a great song to play at anytime but especially with The Lazy Band. From John Martyn’s album Solid Air, which has been a major influence on what I do, I love the sentiment of both this and May You Never. Cian does an amazing earthquaking double bass solo and Tim takes over and brings it to atmospheric heights in this version with Elder keeping it all going.

I’m glad I recorded this because I don’t get to appreciate the others on the night because there’s so much going on and it’s all improvised.┬áSo from the left Cian Murphy is on double bass, Elder Roche is on piano, Christian Volkmann joined us for the evening on harmonica at the back, Mark Flynn (of The Blood Red Mountain Band) on Mandolin and vocals, Cathy McEvoy on fiddle and vocals, Eimear Lynch on fiddle and vocals Tim Hart on Low Whistle and vocals and myself on the far right. I’m sure you’ll get a kick out of it!

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