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Calling Me Home

Posted on 29 Apr 2013

So it’s Original Song Monday and today’s offering is called “Calling Me Home”. Keith Grogan and I wrote it a few years back and we kinda knew that it would become more relevant over time and I think it has. I’m a fan of co-writing songs and it’s an extremely worthwhile practice for songwriters ’cause you end up with a song you wouldn’t have written alone and it’s even, dare I say, a bit magical that this new thing/entity comes into existence!

So it was great meeting up with Keith Grogan last week and collaborating on a Beatles cover (Norwegian Wood) , playing in Stephen Kennedy’s The Beatles Show and somewhere in the mix we found time to revisit this song which Keith and I wrote a good while ago. I hope you like and enjoy it.


I’ve been learning a lot about video since starting Original Song Mondays and Cover Song Thursdays and seeing as though we had two angles I decided to put the second one in too. I was working on getting the colours to match and all the rest but the programmes I was using kept crashing. I’ll have to invest in some nice software. If anyone has suggestions let me know!

One response to “Calling Me Home”

  1. Lucy LeBlanc says:

    Good song…

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