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Blog Archive for April, 2013

Calling Me Home

Posted on 29 Apr 2013

So it’s Original Song Monday and today’s offering is called “Calling Me Home”. Keith Grogan and I wrote it a few years back and we kinda knew that it would become more relevant over time and I think it has. I’m a fan of co-writing songs and it’s an extremely worthwhile practice for songwriters ’cause you end up with a song you wouldn’t have written alone and it’s even, dare I say, a bit magical that this new thing/entity comes into existence!

So it was great meeting up with Keith Grogan last week and collaborating on a Beatles cover (Norwegian Wood) , playing in Stephen Kennedy’s The Beatles Show and somewhere in the mix we found time to revisit this song which Keith and I wrote a good while ago. I hope you like and enjoy it.


I’ve been learning a lot about video since starting Original Song Mondays and Cover Song Thursdays and seeing as though we had two angles I decided to put the second one in too. I was working on getting the colours to match and all the rest but the programmes I was using kept crashing. I’ll have to invest in some nice software. If anyone has suggestions let me know!

Norwegian Wood

Posted on 24 Apr 2013

So here’s what’s happening on Cover Song Thursdays this week. Keith Grogan has joined me with some lovely backing vocals on The Beatles’ Norwegian Wood.

Last week I shared Keith’s great version of Here Comes the Sun with Stephen Kennedy, who wrote and directs The Beatles Show and this week we’ll be helping out the show on thursday night in Odessa by singing a few Beatles songs in the second half of the show. The plays in the Beatles Show are great most especially if you are a Beatles fan. Death and the Beatles Fan is brilliant. Watch out for a song Keith and I wrote together called “Calling Me Home” on Original Song Mondays soon.

And below is Norwegian Wood with me showing how not to have good posture!

I Rolled Her Down

Posted on 22 Apr 2013

It’s Original Song Mondays again. A week goes by quick!

I wrote this song after being deprived of discovery channel for a few weeks a couple of years back. I used to watch that Deadliest Catch show a lot and in hindsight it must have been because I was missing the show, that I started writing I Rolled Her Down. So I guess it’s my take on a modern day sea chanty. The Fisherman who falls in love with the sea. I distinctly remember finishing writing the song in a campsite at a great festival in Wicklow called Knockanstockan whilst music from two different stages was colliding all around me. The song is also another experiment in using two capos, which i think worked out well.Songwriting-wise, it one of those songs where you discover a title and spend the rest of the writing of the song finding out what the title means to you. Hope you enjoy this solo version.

Cover Song Thursdays

Posted on 18 Apr 2013

So the second Cover Song Thursdays song video is now viewable and it’s a Bob Dylan Song. I must say I’m enjoying the process of putting these together although it takes a bit of time and I’m on a good technical learning curve at the moment. So let me know what you think and if there’s any song you’d like me add to the to do list!

She belongs to me

This is a warm blanket of a song. One of those that just wraps around you and you get lost in it. There’s something hypnotising about the original with Dylan and his band. The lyrics seem so natural yet they are abstract. You don’t know if the woman is a real woman or whether he’s personifying something else, maybe America or if it’s a bit of both. In fact I know I don’t know what it’s about and I don’t care. I love the feel of it and the guitar part in the background in the original is so cool I wanted to feature something similar in this version. The Open G tuning lent itself well to that task, I think.  I recently unearthed my version again for a special themed night called the Brownbread Mixtape which many Dubs have been at. Dylan was the theme so it was great to have the excuse to work it up again and always great to play there.

So that’s the craic. I hope you like my version and please share it with anyone you think will enjoy it!

Original Song Mondays

Posted on 15 Apr 2013

So this week’s “Original Song Mondays” song is The Weary Traveller, which is a few years old. I wrote it while I was doing a tour of radio stations, facilitating workshops with students on how to make radio shows in the Irish Language for Seachtain na Gaeilge.( Seachtain na Gaeilge is a fortnight of activities in the Irish language, which happens on the run up to St.Patricks day). It was a great experience although I was knackered towards the end of it having visited much of the country in the process. So this song wrote itself in a hotel in Belfast on a really cold rainy night at about 2 in the morning after a journey from Donegal. It’s probably my longest song too. Anyway, tá súil agam go mbainfidh tu sult as. (I hope you enjoy it.) Feel free to share the video or the playlist as you like thanks.