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Blog Archive for January, 2013

Sustainability News Interview

Posted on 29 Jan 2013

So I’m delighted to have been interviewed by Diana Dehm of Sustainability News and Entertainment  as one of the featured guests on her show in the US. We discussed various aspects of sustainability and my awareness raising workshops featuring songs I’ve written. You can listen to the podcast here. I’m on in the second half after Maurice Byrne and President of West Coast Song Writers Mark Le Mon discuss how to drop in some sustainable metaphors in songs.

And as always you can hear my Eco-Songs at ClimateChangeSongs.com

Schools Workshops

Posted on 22 Jan 2013

So the Climate Change and Green Energy Workshops have been going great. Thanks to all the schools, students and teachers for participating. I’ve received great feedback and the newer Green Energy Songs Workshop is going very well also.

I’m delighted to be getting interviewed this evening by Diana Dehm who is USA based for her Sustainability News and Entertainment  podcast which is syndicated all around the states too. She’ll be playing a few of my songs which may include Oxygen 21, The Polar Bear Song, Chewin the Cud, Footprints in the Air and I’m a Greenhouse Gas. 

Don’t forget that you can hear my Climate Change Songs at www.ClimateChangeSongs.com