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Blog Archive for July, 2012


Posted on 30 Jul 2012

Really enjoyed the set at Knockanstockan yesterday. Thanks to all who came to see us play. And thanks to the group of lads who pushed our car out of the muck!

Olympic Gigs in London

Posted on 27 Jul 2012

So I’m delighted to be doing three concerts with Stephen James Smith in London next week during the Olympics in the Irish House in London. We’ll be doing our mix of poetry and song at 5pm on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday!

Irish House

Irish House London

Spirit Radio Interview

Posted on 3 Jul 2012

I was delighted to be invited to play a few of my Climate Change and Irish songs on DannyJ’s show on Spirit Radio last night. Thanks to everyone who listened in and commented! He and his co-host Graham Dean were good craic, joining in with the breathing on Oxygen 21 and doing a pop quiz after to see did the information go in! Spirit Radio has a positive religious angle to it and although I’m not a religious person and my songs are from an Irish and scientific angle, it was great that Spirit Radio were open to have me come to sing and talk about the Environment from my perspective.

The podcast should be up soon so I’ll share that round when I get it!