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Club Chonradh na Gaeilge, 22nd March

Posted on 15 Mar 2012

I’m excited about doing a gig in Irish in the Club an Conradh, Harcourt Street. Mossy Nolan, Cathy McEvoy and Eimear Lynch will be playing with me on the night and we’ll have a few trad tunes for the craic too.
The gig will be in Irish as is the Club itself so bring your cúpla focail! Concert will start at 9pm and Doors are at 8.30pm. €7 or €5 for students or club members.

Tá áthas orm le rá go mbeidh gig as gaeilge ar siúl agam sa Chlub an Conradh ar an 22ú Márta.
Beidh an ceolchoirm go léir tugtha trí gaeilge ag tosnú ag 9i.n. Beidh Mossy Nolan, Cathy McEvoy agus Eimear Lynch liom ar an oíche le tacaíocht a thabhairt dom agus cúpla port a sheinnt freisin.
7Eu nó 5Eu do bail l(members) nó Mic Léinn (Students)

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