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Carbon Measuring

Posted on 15 Jan 2011

Here’s a screenshot from an application called Carbon Choices (for the iPhone) which I used for a week to keep an eye on my carbon usage. It’s quite interesting. It has other screens where you add in “how much tv you watched” or “how long you take to shower”, looking at the flowrate and the temperature you heat the water to etc. Some of the background numbers are guesstimates on my part but it’s given me a general idea of how much energy I’m using and which forms of energy usage emit the most Carbon.
The app doesn’t have a means for measuring heating usage nor does it do public transport or light bulbs but it does go quite in depth into the areas it deals with. I also I didn’t do much driving that week so I’ll try it again some week when I’m driving more.
I’m very surprised at how much Carbon emissions food is responsible for especially red meat.
If you have an iPhone and an interest in your Carbon emissions, it’s a good start anyway!

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