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Electric Picnic 09

Posted on 3 Sep 2009

I’ll be playing a gig in Irish at 6pm Fri in the Irish tent and also in the Cabaret Craiceáilte on Sat 6.30 and Sunday 7.30 in the Irish Tent( Pubail Gaeilge) in Mindfield Area, Electric Picnic. Also i’m presenting a music radio show in Irish on Body and soul fm on Sunday. I’ll also be playing in the External Sounds Body & Soul FM & Tent!

Here’s the Facebook Page and info on the Irish Tent

Beidh mé ag seinnt ag 6i.n. ins an Pobal Gaelach ag an Electric Picnic. Agus ag an cabaret Craiceáilte ar an Sathairn 6.30 agus an Domhnach 7.30 ! Scaip an scéal!
Freisin beidh chlár ceol á láiriú agam ar Body and Soul Fm.

Seo hé an Facebook Page agus tuile faoin bPuball Gaelach

An Puball Gaeilge

An Puball Gaeilge

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