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Inverness – Nós Úr – Mol an Aimsir

Posted on 16 Jun 2009

I’m heading to Inverness this weekend to represent Ireland in the Nós Úr Competition for minority language songs.We will be playing my song Mol an Aimsir, which was chosen on Rónán Mac Aodha Bhuí’s radio show RónánBeo@3 on Raidio na Gaeltachta. Gary Dub in Donegal (On Drums), Eimear Lynch and Christophe Capewell (on Fiddles) and Peter Cheevers on Bass will be playing with me. Fiach is also playing so we should have a great day. There is also a new version of Mol an Aimsir on my myspace page.

About Nos Ur

The second Celtic and Scots Minority Languages Song Competition will be held in Inverness on 20 June 2009 as one of a number of regional finals held across Europe. The event is called Nòs Ùr which means ‘New Style’ in Scottish Gaelic, and languages encouraged to enter the competition are Scottish Gaelic, Scots, Ulster Scots, Irish Gaelic, Manx Gaelic, Welsh, Cornish and Breton.

There will be two winners of the competition who will be sent to the final of the pan-European ‘Liet International’ competition which will take place in Leeuwarden in Friesland, Nertherlands next October. One act will be chosen on the night by a public vote using web poll and paper ballot in the hall. The other will be chosen by a jury made up of members from the various language groups involved.

The contest is the only song competition of its kind in Europe and follows a similar format as the Eurovision Song Contest with singers and bands representing a particular country or in this case a minority language. The event will be recorded for televison and radio and will be broadcast live over the internet.

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