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Blog Archive for September, 2020

Caledonia – New Video

Posted on 14 Sep 2020

Made famous in Ireland by Delores Keane and written by Dougie Mclean, this is a favourite of almost everyone. I’ve heard it abused by drunken women at the end of a night, wanting to get the buzz of singing it, but forgetting a few elusive words in the chorus! Classic! I myself have changed it up somewhat in the feel of it. Somehow I felt the words needed more air around them. My guitar followed along and here’s what came out. The little melody in the instrumental is great too so I felt that needed to be highlighted. Enjoy and Let me know what you think below! Now you know where to come when you are drunk and want a “hit” of Caledonia!

Interview and songs on Irish Music Cafe, Detroit

Posted on 1 Sep 2020

So I took a wander from 10 and a half mile in Southfield to five mile in Redford all part of the sprawl that is greater Detroit, to find CRB studios which are tucked away just down the street from Murphy’s Coney Island and from the AOH another centre (or center? ;)) of Irishness in Detroit, to meet Pat Johnson once again for his show The Irish Music Cafe. He went Live on Facebook¬†for a version of Caledonia. Even though I’m low carb I had one of Charlie’s scones with my cuppa tea that Pat sorted out for me ! So I was in my element. Listen to the full show below.