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Ag Ól Ag Ól Ag An Garbhóg

Posted on 30 Oct 2014

Áthas orm go roghnaíodh Ag Ól Ag Ól Ag An Garbhóg mar ceann de na 5 amhran pop gaeilge nó breatnaise is fearr ar Tuairisc.ie

Scríobh Pearse McGloughlin agus mé féin an amhráin. Seo an meascán singil dó. Is meascán difriúl atá ar an t-albaim.

I’m delighted that Tuairsic.ie has chosen  Ag Ól Ag Ól Ag An Garbhóg as one of their 5 top Irish or Welsh songs. This is the single version which was mixed differently to the album version. Written by fellow Urchin Collective member Pearse McGloughlin and myself.  Enjoy.

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